Ukraine: 27 killed and 25 injured in artillery attack on market, Donetsk

On Sunday 21st January, at least 27 civilians were killed and 25 injured when a busy market and shopping area in Donetsk was bombed with artillery shells.

Cradles and Conflicts: Is Ukraine Facing a Demographic Death Spiral?

Ukraine’s population has not grown much since 1960 but Russia’s invasion had led to a catastrophic drop in the birth rate

Ukraine: 7 killed, over 150 injured in Russian Iskander missile strike on Chernihiv

On Saturday 19 August, seven civilians were killed and over 150 people injured by a Russian Iskander missile strike in Chernihiv.

Penetrating the Fog of War: the lives of Ukraine’s reporters covering the Russian invasion

Iain Overton looks at the impact of the Russian invasion on Ukraine’s journalists, recording their experiences of a war that has impacted all of their lives.

A Corrosion of Corruption: the parlous state of the Russian military

This article discusses how endemic corruption within the Russian military, from high-ranking officials to conscripts, has hampered Russia’s ability to achieve its military objectives in Ukraine, leading to inefficiencies, inadequate equipment, and logistical problems.

Explosive Violence in June 2023

In June 2023, Action on Armed Violence recorded 2,671 deaths and injuries from 537 incidents of explosive violence around the world, as reported in English-language media. Civilians accounted for 67% (1,798) of the deaths and injuries recorded.

Cherkasy, Ukraine: 23 killed and nine injured in Russian air strike on Uman, 28 April

On Friday 28 April, a Russian X-101 air-launched cruise missile killed 23 civilians and injured nine.

Iraq: the ongoing legacy of an illegal war

As we approach the 20th anniversary of the Iraq War, AOAV looks back at the war’s continuing legacy on civilian harm from explosive weapon use in the country. 

35 killed and 75 injured in Russian missile strike on Dnipro, Ukraine, 14 Jan 2023

35 civilians have been killed and 75 injured in a Russian Kh-22 missile strike on Dnipro, 14 Jan 2023.

17 killed and 32 injured in Russian missile strikes on Kharkiv, Ukraine, 17-18 Aug

From 17 to 18 Aug, Russian missile strikes on residential neighbourhoods in Kharkiv killed 17 civilians and injured 32.

600 reported killed in Russian strike on Mariupol theatre, Ukraine

On 16 March 2022, a Russian airstrike hit the theatre in Mariupol, causing the roof and some of the exterior walls to collapse inwards.