Press significantly under-reported explosive violence in Syria, AOAV study shows

Major news outlets have significantly under-reported the incidents of explosive violence during the Syrian conflict, a review by Action on Armed Violence (AOAV) has found. Between March 2011 and May 2019, there were more than 4,800 explosive weapon attacks in Syria that caused reported casualties, as recorded by AOAV from global English-language media sources. However, […]

Conflict reporting in the 21st century: findings from a one day seminar

On Saturday 8th February, AOAV, Birkbeck College and the Frontline Club hosted the conference ‘Conflict Reporting in the 21st Century’. This is the summary report from that event. 1. CONTEXT AND WHY IT MATTERS Action on Armed Violence (AOAV) have been monitoring the devastating impact of explosive weapons for nine years. Between 2011 and 2018, we recorded […]

Conflict reporting in the 21st century: summary report

On Saturday 8th February 2020, AOAV convened a one-day conference at Birkbeck College and in partnership with the Frontline Club. It aimed at interrogating how journalists can hold perpetrators to account for civilian harm, assessing the changing nature of journalism in conflict reporting, and debating the new techniques available to journalists to do this. Public […]

AOAV invites you to a conference on ‘Conflict Reporting in the 21st Century’

On the 8th February, 2020, Action on Armed Violence are hosting a one-day symposium called ‘Conflict Reporting in the 21st Century’. Please book your tickets here. We have partnered with the Frontline Club and Birkbeck College to bring together leading conflict reporters, photo-journalists, film makers and investigators to discuss the main challenges and issues facing […]

Shooting the messengers

The life of a war correspondent has never been cheaper. Travel, equipment… even the pay cheque is lighter. But the rules of engagement are different in today’s street-level combat zones, where the press corps’ blue flak jacket offers little protection against conflicts and more journalists than ever are paying the ultimate price for the scoop. […]

Top 100: The most influential journalists covering armed violence

From besieged cities in Syria to American street-corners, and countless other places in between, armed violence continues to take the lives of hundreds of thousands of people a year. It fundamentally reshapes the world we live in. Yet for a vast number of people, violence and conflict are abstractions far removed from their daily realities. […]

Lindsey Hilsum

Lindsey Hilsum is the International Editor for Channel 4 News in the UK. She has covered the wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, Kosovo and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, along with the Arab Spring and the genocide in Rwanda in 1994. She wrote a book about the 2011 war in Libya. Before becoming a journalist, she was an […]

Leila Fadel

Leila Fadel is the Cairo Bureau Chief of National Public Radio. She has reported extensively on the Arab Spring, and previously covered the Iraq War for Knight Ridder McClatchy Newspapers and the Washington Post. Fadel was arrested during the 2011 Egyptian uprising along with a number of other journalists covering the events from Cairo. A […]

Lauren Wolfe

Lauren Wolfe is director of Women Under Siege, a journalism project set up by the Women’s Media Centre (WMC) on sexualized violence in conflict. She has written for a range of publications including The Atlantic and The Guardian, and also serves on the advisory committee of the Nobel Women’s Initiative’s ‘International Campaign to Stop Rape […]

Jineth Bedoya Lima

Jineth Bedoya Lima is a Colombian journalist who is subeditor of El Tiempo. She investigates drug trafficking, organized crime and the issues around women and violence. Lima is the survivor of targeted sexual violence:  In 2000, at 26 years old, she was covering a story about arms smuggling at La Modelo prison in Bogota, when […]