Tensions rise in Kosovo: will ethnic conflict further threaten stability in Europe?

Ethnic tensions and political disputes in Kosovo have escalated, prompting increased international peacekeeping efforts, as the predominantly Albanian government clashes with the Serbian minority, threatening stability in the region.

Sebastian Junger

Sebastian Junger is an American journalist who has been an international reporter for over 20 years. In 2000, his in-depth reporting on Afghanistan became the subject of the National Geographic documentary “Into the Forbidden Zone”, and his knowledge of the region made him a special correspondent for ABC News and Vanity Fair. He has also […]

Robert Fisk

Robert Fisk is one of the best-known journalists in the world. He is Middle East Correspondent for the Independent and has reported on the region for more than 30 years. During his career, he has covered conflicts in Afghanistan, Bosnia, Kosovo, Iraq and Lebanon. Fisk has won more British and International Journalism awards than any […]

Remy Ourdan

Remy Ourdan is a French journalist who is a deputy editor of newspaper Le Monde. In 1992 Ourdan began as a reporter in Sarajevo, and covered the siege of Sarajevo and the Bosnian war for four years. In the Balkans, he also covered the Kosovo war and Serbia after the fall of Slobodan Milosevic. In Africa, […]

Orla Guerin

Orla Guerin is an Irish correspondent for BBC News. She has covered the Kosovo conflict, the disaster aboard the Russian submarine Kursk, the Basque conflict in Northern Spain, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and violence in Pakistan. Before her career with the BBC, she worked with RTÉ. During her time at the BBC, she has been affiliated […]

Mariana Sánchez

Mariana Sánchez is a Peruvian journalist who is the Latin America Correspondent for Al Jazeera English, based in Caracas. She has covered armed conflict and social and political issues in over 20 countries. Prior to joining the news channel, she worked at CNN Spanish, where she covered the conflicts in Kosovo, Chechnya and Afghanistan. Sánchez […]

Lindsey Hilsum

Lindsey Hilsum is the International Editor for Channel 4 News in the UK. She has covered the wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, Kosovo and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, along with the Arab Spring and the genocide in Rwanda in 1994. She wrote a book about the 2011 war in Libya. Before becoming a journalist, she was an […]

Thoughts on violence: Michael Spagat, University of London

Professor Michael Spagat is the Head of the Economics Department at the Royal Holloway, University of London. He holds a PhD in Economics from Harvard and a BA in Economics and Mathematical Methods in the Social Sciences from Northwestern.  He is also a research fellow of the CEPR, the Davidson Institute and the Households in Conflict […]

John Marks

John Marks Founder and President of Search for Common Ground Search for Common Ground is an organisation that seeks to transform how the world deals with conflict away from adversarial approaches and towards collaborative problem solving. They operate in 30 countries and engage in a range of innovative programmes including reintegrating ex-militants in Nigeria, training prison […]

Lamberto Zannier

Lamberto Zannier Secretary General of the OSCE Lamberto Zannier is an Italian Diplomat who was appointed the Secretary-General for the Organisation for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE) in 2011. He was previously UN Special Representative for Kosovo. The OSCE has 57 participating states from Europe, Central Asia, and North America. It has a number […]

Robert Fisk

Robert Fisk Journalist Robert Fisk is a Middle East Correspondent for The Independent, a position he has held for over 30 years. During his career, Fisk has reported on conflicts in Afghanistan, Bosnia, Kosovo, Iraq and Lebanon, where he was one of the first journalists to visit the scene of the Sabra and Shatila massacre. […]