War and the refugee: a call for empathy in an age of intolerance

In his 2023 lecture at the Festival of Writing and Ideas, Dr. Iain Overton reflects on the persistent suffering of war victims throughout history, underscoring the critical need for empathy towards those fleeing from conflict zones, challenging discriminatory media rhetoric, and urging us to recognise our shared humanity in order to foster a compassionate, welcoming society.

Death Count: New Homicide Monitor shows the world’s deadliest countries

Almost half a million people die violent deaths each year, says new data revealed this week. The Homicide Monitor, produced by Brazilian-NGO the Igarape Institute, is the most comprehensive publicly-available dataset on murder in the world. It shows that 437,000 people are killed globally each year. Based on national-level data on lethal violence collected by the […]

In focus: Miriam Pemberton, Research Fellow at the Institute for Policy Studies

Miriam Pemberton is a Research Fellow at the Institute for Policy Studies, writing and speaking on demilitarization issues for its Foreign Policy In Focus project. AOAV met her to talk about her work. AOAV: What’s your main focus of interest in terms of your research? Miriam Pemberton: Demilitarisation of the economy. We’re at the beginning […]

In focus: Kristen Rand, Legislative Director of the Violence Policy Center

AOAV:  What is the Violence Policy Centre? Kristen Rand:  We’re a national non-profit organisation, and we do research and policy development and advocacy to reduce gun violence in America. AOAV: What is your main role in the policy centre? Rand:  I’m the legislative director, I handle all of our lobbying and legislative activities.  We are sort […]

Colombian town emerges from bloody past, but healing trauma proves elusive

This article, by Anastasia Moloney, is republished with the kind permission of the Thomson Reuters Foundation. Along the main square in this town, men chat over beer and billiards to the sound of blaring “Vallenato” folk music. Churchgoers attend afternoon mass and schoolchildren enjoy ice cream in the shade of palm trees. In the surrounding verdant […]

News from AOAV: 8 November 2013

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Argentina’s successful gun reduction law wins prestigious international disarmament award

The outstanding success of Argentina’s National Programme for the Voluntary Surrender of Firearms was today recognised with a Silver Future Policy Award by the World Future Council. The World Future Council cites the Asociación Para Politicas Publicas (APP), a long term partner of AOAV in Argentina and member of SEHLAC, as the key civil society organisation that […]

Top 100: The most influential journalists covering armed violence

From besieged cities in Syria to American street-corners, and countless other places in between, armed violence continues to take the lives of hundreds of thousands of people a year. It fundamentally reshapes the world we live in. Yet for a vast number of people, violence and conflict are abstractions far removed from their daily realities. […]

In focus: Ivan Darío Ramírez, Corporación Paz y Democracia in Colombia

AOAV: What does the Peace and Democracy Corporation do? Ivan Darío Ramírez: We have an observatory in Medellín, Colombia, that looks at the impacts that violence and conflict have upon the population. We publish reports, document cases and we also do political incidence with the local government in order for them to assume their own responsibilities […]

In focus: Renato Sérgio de Lima, Brazilian Forum of Public Security

Renato Sérgio de Lima has a Ph.D. in Sociology from the University of São Paulo and took his Post-Doctorate at the Institute of Economics at UNICAMP, also in São Paulo. He is the Secretary General of the Brazilian Forum on Public Safety and Editor of the Brazilian Journal on Public Safety.  AOAV: What is the Brazilian […]

In focus: Maria Pia Devoto, Director of the Public Policy Association in Argentina

AOAV has caught up with Maria Pia Devoto, Director of the Public Policy Association, and asked her about her organisation’s work to promote the implementation of effective public policies in Argentina. AOAV: What does APP do? MPD: We started APP in 2002 after the economic, social, institutional political crisis that we had in Argentina. The idea […]

Thoughts on violence: Álvaro Jiménez Millán, Campaña Colombiana Contra Minas

AOAV has met Álvaro Jiménez Millán of the Colombian Campaign against Landmines in Bogotá, to discuss the country’s ongoing violent conflict. AOAV:  Can you describe Colombia’s biggest challenges in terms of armed violence? Álvaro Jiménez Millán: Colombia has lived a long conflict. For almost sixty years we have had the presence of non-state armed groups, […]