London’s 2023 murders examined: key figures in the UK capital’s homicides

This report presents a detailed analysis of the estimated 103 homicides that occurred in Greater London in 2023, marked by a concerning trend in violent crimes. Stabbings emerged as the predominant method of killing, accounting for over 60% of cases.

SAS soldiers reported caught in drug bust as their regiment investigated for Afghanistan war crimes

Armed officers in a joint military and civilian law enforcement operation arrested two SAS soldiers and a soldier’s spouse in Herefordshire, seizing suspected illegal drugs and raising concerns about discipline and integrity within the elite unit.

High firearm ownership among U.S. law enforcement officers linked to increased risk of suicidal thoughts, Rutgers study reveals

Rutgers University researchers have identified concerning links between high firearm ownership and storage practices among U.S. law enforcement officers and increased risk of suicidal thoughts,

Analysis of “Towards an Armed Drone Code of Ethics: Eight Model Principles of Responsible Use” Report

The report highlights the urgent need for an Armed Drone Code of Ethics to address the ethical concerns surrounding the proliferation of armed drones, ensuring responsible use, transparency, and accountability in military operations and law enforcement.