Former British Army chief criticises government’s plan to deport migrants to Rwanda

General Sir Richard Dannatt criticizes the UK government’s policy to deport asylum seekers to Rwanda, citing ethical concerns and potential violations of international law, amidst increasing political and legal scrutiny.

No charges for British soldiers accused of giving false evidence on Bloody Sunday

The Public Prosecution Service (PPS) has decided not to charge fifteen former soldiers or an alleged former IRA member for perjury related to Bloody Sunday due to insufficient evidence, despite historical inquiries suggesting otherwise.

Who is arming Israel? Report and key findings

AOAV’s report ‘Who is arming Israel?’ analyses the arms provided to Israel by the UK, US, and other nations, focusing on arms exports within the context of allegations of war crimes by the Israeli armed forces

Who is arming Israel? UK Exports to Israel  

This post examines UK Exports to Israel

Who is arming Israel? US Exports to Israel

This post examines US Exports to Israel

Who is arming Israel? Other Global Exports to Israel 

This post outlines the global arms exports to Israel (outside the UK and US)

Who is arming Israel? Arms Manufacturer Profits Examined

This post examines the profits made by key arms manufacturers within the context of the Israel-Gaza conflict

Who is arming Israel? Individual Arms Executive Wealth Generation

This post examines arms company executive share price sales post October 7 2023

Who is arming Israel? Conclusion and recommendations

This post offers up AOAV’s conclusions and recommendations for its report ‘Who is arming Israel?’

Who is arming Israel? Annex 1: Arms Company Share Prices

This Annex lists all share price increases seen by Arms Companies since October 7 2023

Who is arming Israel? Annex 2: Executive Share Sales

This Annex lists all sale of shares by senior arms executives and their price differential pre and post 7 October 2023

Who is arming Israel? Annex 3: Sources

This Annex lists all the references detailed in the report ‘Who is Arming Israel’?