Widespread gun threat exposure among Black Americans linked to elevated disability rates, study finds

Research from Rutgers Health reveals that nearly 60% of Black Americans face gun violence, leading to increased rates of functional disabilities, with significant differences between genders.

Study reveals gun violence exposure increases suicide risk in American Black adults

A Rutgers Health study finds a direct correlation between exposure to gun violence and increased suicidal ideation and attempts among Black adults, signaling a dire need for targeted mental health interventions.

Navigating the storm of news: how the ‘Angel of History’ can help us remember our humanity when faced with global conflict

The article discusses the overwhelming impact of news about global violence and conflicts, emphasizing the importance of empathy and a balanced perspective in the face of tragedies like those in Gaza, Ukraine, and Israel, and drawing inspiration from Paul Klee’s “Angelus Novus” as a metaphor for understanding history and humanity amidst chaos.

The Impact of Explosive Violence on Children: A Global Crisis

Explosive violence in conflict zones has inflicted a devastating toll on children, causing significant casualties, psychological trauma, displacement, and hindering access to education, highlighting the urgent need for global awareness, targeted interventions, and policy changes to protect and support the well-being of these vulnerable young lives.

The surprising reality of British Armed Forces Fatalities and the growing concern of suicide rates: a report citing AOAV data in the Express

The declining number of combat-related deaths in the UK Armed Forces reveals a growing concern over suicide rates, as mental health challenges emerge as a critical modern threat for military personnel.