AOAV speaks to Ieva Jusionyte about her book ‘Exit Wounds’ – a glimpse into the world of firearms smuggled south from the United States to Mexico and their reverberating effects

Dr Ieva Jusionyte, a legal and medical anthropologist at Brown University, discusses her book “Exit Wounds,” which explores how the smuggling of guns from the United States to Mexico contributes to violence and the migrant crisis, drawing on extensive research and fieldwork at the US-Mexico border.

U.S. Court greenlights Mexico’s $10 billion potential lawsuit against gunmakers

In a landmark decision, a U.S. appeals court has allowed Mexico to proceed with its $10 billion lawsuit against American gun manufacturers, challenging the long-standing legal immunity of the arms industry.

UK Ministry of Defence reveals Defence Loan Service Personnel expenditure

Data on costs associated with Defence Loan Service Personnel to 85 countries, including human rights priority nations, reveal global cost of up to £40m in 2022.

UK arms exports to Mexico

Mexico: Country overview The United Mexican States is a federal presidential constitutional republic located between North America and Central American, bordering the US, Guatemala and Belize. The capital is Mexico City, and it has an estimated population of 123 million. In 2017, Mexico was said to be confronting the second most deadly conflict in the […]

Molly Molloy, Border and Latin America Specialist at New Mexico State University, talks to AOAV about violence in Mexico.

AOAV: [Would] you say that small arms and guns have been a constant backdrop to your view of Latin American politics and immigration? Molly Molloy: I believe that, in terms of the numbers of guns in Mexico now, many of them have kind of an origin in the United States, but not a recent origin.  […]

Top 100: The most influential journalists covering armed violence

From besieged cities in Syria to American street-corners, and countless other places in between, armed violence continues to take the lives of hundreds of thousands of people a year. It fundamentally reshapes the world we live in. Yet for a vast number of people, violence and conflict are abstractions far removed from their daily realities. […]

Remy Ourdan

Remy Ourdan is a French journalist who is a deputy editor of newspaper Le Monde. In 1992 Ourdan began as a reporter in Sarajevo, and covered the siege of Sarajevo and the Bosnian war for four years. In the Balkans, he also covered the Kosovo war and Serbia after the fall of Slobodan Milosevic. In Africa, […]

Matthew Price

Matthew Price is a foreign correspondent for the BBC. Although he is now based in Brussels as the BBC’s Europe Correspondent, he has extensive experience reporting from war zones. As the BBC’s Belgrade correspondent, he covered events across the former Yugoslavia and Albania, before moving to Jerusalem to cover the Middle East. He has covered […]

Mariana Sánchez

Mariana Sánchez is a Peruvian journalist who is the Latin America Correspondent for Al Jazeera English, based in Caracas. She has covered armed conflict and social and political issues in over 20 countries. Prior to joining the news channel, she worked at CNN Spanish, where she covered the conflicts in Kosovo, Chechnya and Afghanistan. Sánchez […]

Marcela Turati

Marcela Turati is an investigative journalist at Mexican news magazine Proceso. In 2007, she co-founded journalism organisation Periodistas de a Pie [Journalists on Foot], an initiative to connect and support journalists covering high-risk issues such poverty, civic participation and human rights. Turati focuses on violence, human rights and the drug trade within her native Mexico, and […]

Thoughts on Violence: Anastasia Moloney

Anastasia Moloney is the Latin America and Caribbean correspondent for the Thomson Reuters Foundation based in Bogota. AOAV met her to discuss the problems facing Colombia, including drug violence and the widespread use of landmines in the country.  AOAV: Who do you work for? Anastasia Moloney: I am the Latin America and Caribbean correspondent for […]

A trade in iron and blood: the impact of American guns on armed violence in Mexico

For all the news and emotion surrounding the debate over mass-shootings and gun-control within the United States, another related tragedy has been unfolding simultaneously just across the border.  But unlike in the US, this tragedy has much greater bloodshed and much less media attention. Since 2006, tens of thousands of people have been killed in […]