The Peruvian TRC named a surprising group as the primary perpetrator in Peru’s civil war. Professor Mike Spagat talks to Dr Silvio Rendon about how the TRC got it wrong.

Silvio Rendon, employing direct statistical methods, disputes the Truth and Reconciliation Commission’s conclusion that the Shining Path was the primary perpetrator in the Peruvian Civil War, suggesting a lower death toll and sparking debate over historical accountability.

Quality data recording in Gaza, potentially evidencing genocide, frustrated by Israeli strikes – contravening International Court of Justice orders

The International Court of Justice ordered Israel to ensure the preservation of evidence relating to allegations of genocide in Gaza, a directive Israel appears to be violating through attacks on hospitals that disrupt casualty recording systems.

Exploring the Memorialisation of Sexual Violence: an interview with Dr Harriet Gray

In this interview, Harriet Gray and Mike Spagat discuss the complexities of memorialising sexual violence, the importance of empowering survivors, and the role of female anger in challenging stigma and promoting change.