SAS members detained over alleged war crimes in Syria comes amid wider scrutiny of Britain’s ‘elite’ forces

British military police have detained five SAS members for alleged war crimes in Syria, spotlighting the elite unit’s conduct amidst ongoing investigations into unlawful killings in Afghanistan and involvement in a domestic drug network

An overview of RMP Serious Investigations by British troops 2004 – 2014

The RMP gave overview evidence to the Inquiry into Afghanistan detailing serious offences investigated between 2004 and 2014.

UK government suppresses MP inquiries about Cyprus base’s role in Gaza conflict

The UK government is censoring all parliamentary questions regarding RAF Akrotiri in Cyprus, suspected of aiding Israel’s military actions in Gaza.

Collecting and Sharing Data on Explosive Weapons Use

A Prerequisite for understanding impact, informing change and implementing the Political Declaration

Analysis of “Towards an Armed Drone Code of Ethics: Eight Model Principles of Responsible Use” Report

The report highlights the urgent need for an Armed Drone Code of Ethics to address the ethical concerns surrounding the proliferation of armed drones, ensuring responsible use, transparency, and accountability in military operations and law enforcement.

The importance of civilian casualty reporting in conflict: examining NATO member states’ practices and progress

AOAV explores the need for and challenges of civilian casualty reporting in conflict, with a focus on the practices and progress of NATO member states.