Minister admits Special Forces had veto over Afghan commandos’ UK entry

The UK government has admitted that UK Special Forces had a veto over the resettlement applications of Afghan commandos, contradicting previous denials and raising concerns about potential conflicts of interest.

British military conviction rates for rape at 23%, far lower than civilian courts’ 70%, amidst pervasive sexual abuse issues

An investigation by openDemocracy reveals that the British military has significantly lower conviction rates for rape than civilian courts, highlighting potential systemic failures in addressing these crimes.

RAF sergeant’s deadly cancer caused by toxic fumes, family claims

Anna Irwin completed eight three-month tours in Afghanistan and was exposed to more than 2,000 hours of emissions while serving onboard Chinook helicopters.

Selective secrecy: AOAV criticises UK Minister Johnny Mercer’s lack of transparency on military misconduct

Minister Johnny Mercer outlined alleged British military misconducts in a 2021 interview but then denied FOI request and later.refused to disclose similar information to an independent inquiry.

MoD face scrutiny over SAS shooting video in Francis Bradley inquest

The UK Ministry of Defence faces calls for clarity on when it became aware of a video allegedly showing an SAS operation that led to the death in Northern Ireland of Francis Bradley in 1986, amidst an ongoing inquest into the suspected “shoot-to-kill” incident.

Unveiled after 30 years: the hidden report on UK-Saudi arms deal corruption

The Guardian uncovers a previously suppressed official report revealing alleged corruption and secretive payments within the decades-old UK-Saudi arms contract, sparking calls for transparency and accountability.

SAS members detained over alleged war crimes in Syria comes amid wider scrutiny of Britain’s ‘elite’ forces

British military police have detained five SAS members for alleged war crimes in Syria, spotlighting the elite unit’s conduct amidst ongoing investigations into unlawful killings in Afghanistan and involvement in a domestic drug network

Retired senior officers accuse British military of being ‘woke’. But how valid are their concerns?

Amidst a polarized debate on diversity and national security, retired senior officers’ critique of “obsessive racialising” in the British military contrasts sharply with the need for systemic reforms to address ingrained issues of discrimination and underrepresentation.

Veteran homelessness in England rises by 14% despite promises of Johnny Mercer, Minister of State for Veterans’ Affairs

Despite the UK government’s commitment and an £8.8m housing fund, homelessness among armed forces veterans in England has increased by 14% in 2022-23.

Accountability and accusations of serious misconduct: who will address the allegations against General Gwyn Jenkins?

The delay in the MOD to address swiftly allegations against General Jenkins raises questions about accountability and the implications of delayed justice.

SAS soldiers reported caught in drug bust as their regiment investigated for Afghanistan war crimes

Armed officers in a joint military and civilian law enforcement operation arrested two SAS soldiers and a soldier’s spouse in Herefordshire, seizing suspected illegal drugs and raising concerns about discipline and integrity within the elite unit.

Tribunal challenges UK Ministry of Defence’s transparency on civilian casualties in military campaigns

The Ministry of Defence faces legal scrutiny for insufficient oversight and transparency in monitoring civilian casualties in its military operations against Islamic State.