A tragedy of justice. Why the Australian government should not be forcing Defence whistleblower David McBride to stand trial

Former military lawyer David McBride is set to stand trial in November, four years and eight months after being charged with leaking classified Australian defence information to journalists. McBride is accused of disclosing information that formed the basis of “The Afghan Files,” an exposé on alleged misconduct by Australian special forces in Afghanistan. The trial date has raised concerns about the availability of witnesses and legal counsel, while calls to end the prosecution and reform whistleblowing laws continue.

British Army Corporal sentenced for rape of colleague: a disturbing case sheds light on ongoing issues

The case of Corporal Daniel Conway, a British Army soldier convicted of raping a colleague, underscores the urgent need for comprehensive reforms to address the pervasive issue of sexual assault and misconduct within the military, as highlighted by broader testimonies revealing a disturbing pattern of misconduct and institutional misogyny.