Unveiled after 30 years: the hidden report on UK-Saudi arms deal corruption

The Guardian uncovers a previously suppressed official report revealing alleged corruption and secretive payments within the decades-old UK-Saudi arms contract, sparking calls for transparency and accountability.

UK military’s £17 billion shortfall: a symptom of deep financial mismanagement amidst wider cuts in public services?

The UK military faces a significant £17 billion equipment funding shortfall over the next decade, reflecting deep concerns about financial mismanagement and its impact on public spending, especially against the backdrop of cuts in other vital services.

UK government plans to move asylum seekers from hotels to military accommodation amidst concerns over housing standards

The UK government’s plans to move asylum seekers from hotels to alternative accommodation, including former military sites and even ferries, has been met with controversy and criticism, with concerns raised over the quality and safety of the proposed accommodation, as well as the government’s obligation to provide adequate housing for both asylum seekers and military personnel.