Denmark admits involvement in 2011 Libyan airstrikes that killed 14 civilians

In a notable revelation, Denmark admits its air force’s involvement in the 2011 NATO-led airstrikes in Libya, which resulted in the death of 14 civilians, marking the first such admission among the coalition nations.

Collecting and Sharing Data on Explosive Weapons Use

A Prerequisite for understanding impact, informing change and implementing the Political Declaration

Tensions rise in Kosovo: will ethnic conflict further threaten stability in Europe?

Ethnic tensions and political disputes in Kosovo have escalated, prompting increased international peacekeeping efforts, as the predominantly Albanian government clashes with the Serbian minority, threatening stability in the region.

The importance of civilian casualty reporting in conflict: examining NATO member states’ practices and progress

AOAV explores the need for and challenges of civilian casualty reporting in conflict, with a focus on the practices and progress of NATO member states.

Over 80 Countries Committed to Curb Use of Explosive Weapons, Now Comes the Hard Part

Last week, more than 80 countries endorsed a new international commitment to address one of the greatest threats to civilians during armed conflict: the use of explosive weapons in populated areas.

23 NATO states sign agreement to protect civilians from explosive weapons in populated areas

Over two-thirds of NATO member states signed the first international explosive weapons declaration to protect civilians