Will Sir Keir Starmer’s new defence commitments undermine peace advocacy?

Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer’s recent article in the Daily Mail, advocating for increased UK defence spending and a strong nuclear deterrent, raises concerns about the potential reinforcement of the military-industrial complex and deviation from peace-focused policies.

Cyprus in the crosshairs: island nation’s strategic military use by British military sparks controversy amid Isreal’s bombing of Gaza

The bombing of Gaza by the IDF and of Yemen by the RAF has spotlighted the contentious role of British military bases in Cyprus, with activists condemning the strategic military utilisation of the island.

AOAV signs joint letter by civil society organisations to Control Arms Export Committee regarding UK arms to Israel

A coalition of leading civil society organisations have penned a letter to both the Control Arms Export Committee (CAEC) and the Financial Times. The letter addresses the escalating violence in southern Gaza and the UK’s role in supplying arms to Israel.

Escalating violence in Gaza: Israeli strikes kill 17 Palestinian civilians, sparks rocket response

In an escalating conflict, Israeli air strikes have claimed the lives of 15 Palestinians, including three Islamic Jihad commanders, which provoked a response of over 60 rockets fired towards Israel from Palestinian militants.