Former Minister Johnny Mercer ordered to comply with Section 21 notice in Afghanistan Inquiry into Special Forces killings

The Afghanistan Inquiry has rejected Johnny Mercer’s application to set aside the Section 21 notice, compelling him to disclose vital information by July 25th or face potential High Court action.

MoD’s decades-long cover-up of radiation experiments on British Troops exposed

Newly uncovered documents reveal that the Ministry of Defence conducted and concealed radiation exposure experiments on British servicemen during the Cold War, sparking calls for a public inquiry.

Landmark inquiry raises allegations of human rights violations by British troops in Kenya

A public inquiry into alleged human rights abuses by British troops in Kenya reveals distressing testimonies from victims, prompting calls for justice and accountability.

Veterans Minister withholds suspects’ names in SAS war crimes inquiry

Johnny Mercer, Veterans Minister, refuses to disclose suspects’ names during a public inquiry into alleged extrajudicial killings by the SAS in Afghanistan, despite acknowledging the severity of the claims

Why did the UK MOD refuse to release ministerial letter on SAS killings in Afghanistan to AOAV, citing public interest grounds?

MOD refused to disclose to AOAV internal concerns raised by Veterans Minister Johnny Mercer in 2019 regarding the termination of an inquiry into alleged misconduct by UK special forces in Afghanistan

Judge rules partial confidential hearings in UK Special Forces war crimes inquiry

A UK inquiry into alleged war crimes by British forces in Afghanistan will conduct some sessions in private, following a decision by the chair, Sir Charles Haddon-Cave.

Families’ concerns over restriction orders in Afghan Deaths Inquiry highlight need for transparency

Families of individuals killed by British forces in Afghanistan express concerns over the Ministry of Defence’s requests for restriction orders in the ongoing public inquiry, emphasising the importance of transparency and access to information.

Inquiry considers allegations of 80 unlawful civilian killings and cover-up by UK’s SAS in Afghanistan

An ongoing public inquiry into the conduct of UK’s Special Air Service (SAS) in Afghanistan between 2010 and 2013 suggests that about 80 Afghan civilians may have been summarily killed by SAS units.

Inquiry into misconduct allegations by British soldiers in Afghanistan

The long-awaited public inquiry into allegations of misconduct by British soldiers during the war in Afghanistan moves closer to reality with a proposed timetable agreed upon by interested parties.