Donetsk, Ukraine: 15 killed, 24 injured in Russian S-300 missile strike on Sloviansk, 14 April.

On Friday 14 April, 15 civilians were killed and 24 injured in a Russian S-300 missile strike in Sloviansk, Donetsk.

The Security Council and the War Criminal

Since 2011, our data has shown the devastating discrepancy between the Security Council’s mission – namely, the protection of civilians and prevention of armed conflict – and the ways in which Russia has projected its military power abroad. 

At Least 62 Killed in Russian Strike on School in Ukraine

At least 62 people were killed in a Russian airstrike on a school, on Saturday 7 May 2022. 90 people were using the school as a shelter in the village of Bilohorivka, and following the strike, 30 have been pulled from the rubble.