RAF sergeant’s deadly cancer caused by toxic fumes, family claims

Anna Irwin completed eight three-month tours in Afghanistan and was exposed to more than 2,000 hours of emissions while serving onboard Chinook helicopters.

Briefing note: Explosive weapons use in Yemen, 2014-2023

Action on Armed Violence (AOAV) presents a briefing note on the impact of air strikes in Yemen over the past ten years (2014-2023).

Britain’s global military engagements: at what cost?

As the Prime Minister declares dedication to safeguarding peace and security in the Indo-Pacific region AOAV asks: what is the price of Britain’s global projection of power?

The changing landscape of air surveillance, digital warfare, and the RAF’s airstrikes: a commentary

Concerns about RAF airstrikes causing civilian casualties highlights the need for transparency, accountability, and critical engagement with surveillance technologies and global power dynamics.

Almost two-thirds of UK’s air threats deemed to come from Russian violations of airspace

Two out of three instances where the UK’s Royal Air Force (RAF) has launched aircraft in the face of a perceived or real threat to UK airspace has been against Russian planes, an investigation by AOAV has established.