Strategic timing: do calls for more defence spending in the British media increase around budget time?

Analysis of media trends shows that calls for increased UK defence funding are strategically timed around political events and often precede budget announcements, hinting at a deliberate effort to influence public opinion and policy.

Financing Terror: the Islamic State in the Khorasan region

The Islamic State in the Kheranon Region (ISKP) continues to challenge the Taliban’s rule in Afghanistan, conducting domestic terrorism and drawing international concern over its potential for broader attacks, supported by complex, evolving financial networks.

European arms industry profits amid Ukraine invasion

The European Network Against Arms Trade (ENAAT) report shows that the top 15 European arms manufacturers experienced significant revenue and profit growth in 2022, a year marked by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, but it remains unclear how directly the conflict has contributed to this growth, raising ethical questions about profiteering from warfare.