Russia’s war dead top 50,000 as Moscow presses aggressive tactics in Ukraine

Russia’s military casualties in Ukraine have surpassed 50,000, as the Kremlin persists with its high-casualty “meat grinder” tactics, according to a BBC and Mediazona report.

Ukraine: AOAV explosive violence data on harm to civilians

In the Ukrainian conflict, AOAV has recorded up to the 23 Feb, 23, 440 casualties from explosive weapon use across 4, 944 incidents; this includes some 19, 926 civilian casualties.

Ukraine: 12 civilians killed and 20 injured in Russian drone strike on apartment building, Odesa

On March 2nd, 12 civilians were killed (including 5 children) and 20 injured by a Russian drone strike in Odesa

Explosive Violence in January 2024

In January 2024, Action on Armed Violence recorded 5,612 deaths and injuries from 757 incidents of explosive violence around the world, as reported in English-language media. Civilians accounted for 85% (4,783) of the deaths and injuries recorded.

Ukraine: 27 killed and 25 injured in artillery attack on market, Donetsk

On Sunday 21st January, at least 27 civilians were killed and 25 injured when a busy market and shopping area in Donetsk was bombed with artillery shells.

Comparative analysis of hospital attacks in Gaza and Ukraine: 2022-2023

This article analyzes attacks on hospitals in Gaza and Ukraine from 2022 to 2023, highlighting the higher casualty rates in Gaza and the overall frequent targeting of medical facilities, which constitutes a grave violation of international humanitarian norms.

Explosive Violence: Projections for 2024

In the midst of unprecedented civilian harm from explosive weapons, AOAV sets out its predictions for 2024, for the Forum on Arms Trade.

122% rise in global civilian fatalities from explosive weapons in 2023: a year of harm reviewed

The latest global explosive violence monitor report from AOAV reveals a disturbing surge in civilian fatalities and incidents of explosive weapon use globally in 2023, with a 122% rise in global civilian fatalities compared to the previous year.

Devastation Strikes Ukrainian Market as Conflict Rages On

At least 15 civilians were killed and 22 injured in a missile strike on a market in Kostiantynivka, Donetsk.

UK-manufactured Challenger 2 Tank reported destroyed in Ukraine conflict

A British-made Challenger 2 tank has been confirmed as damaged in Ukraine, marking its first verified deployment since Russia’s 2022 invasion, according to verified social media footage and Western defense sources.

Cradles and Conflicts: Is Ukraine Facing a Demographic Death Spiral?

Ukraine’s population has not grown much since 1960 but Russia’s invasion had led to a catastrophic drop in the birth rate

Ukraine: 7 killed, over 150 injured in Russian Iskander missile strike on Chernihiv

On Saturday 19 August, seven civilians were killed and over 150 people injured by a Russian Iskander missile strike in Chernihiv.