Ukraine: 12 civilians killed and 20 injured in Russian drone strike on apartment building, Odesa

On March 2nd, 12 civilians were killed (including 5 children) and 20 injured by a Russian drone strike in Odesa

Howard G. Buffett talks to AOAV about high-impact philanthropy in conflict zones such as Ukraine

In this interview with AOAV’s executive director, Howard G. Buffett, with over two decades at the helm of his foundation, tells us how his focus is on conflict and post-conflict areas, with an emphasis on agriculture and food security.

Ukraine: 52 killed in Russian missile strike on wake in Hroza, Kharkiv

On Thursday 5th October, a Russian Iskander missile struck a wake in Hroza village, Kharkiv, killing up to 52 people.

Putin’s Culture War: Ukrainian Museums Under Attack

Iain Overton surveys the damage inflicted on Ukrainian history and culture and the fierce resistance shown by their curators

London Arms Fair showcases record exhibitors amid Ukraine invasion – UK company secured c. £1 million drone contract for Ukrainian Special Forces

The world’s largest arms fair promises peace in the world

Devastation Strikes Ukrainian Market as Conflict Rages On

At least 15 civilians were killed and 22 injured in a missile strike on a market in Kostiantynivka, Donetsk.

Ukraine: 9 killed, over 80 injured in Russian double-tap missile strike on Pokrovsk, Donetsk

On Monday 7 August, two Iskander missiles hit Pokrovsk city centre within approximately 40 minutes of each other.

Ukraine: 6 killed and over 81 injured in Russian missile strike on Kryvyi Rih, Dnipropetrovsk

Six people were killed and over 80 injured in a Russian missile strike on an apartment complex and a university building in the central Ukrainian town of Kryvyi Rih.

Donetsk, Ukraine: 12 killed and 60 injured in missile strike on restaurant in Kramatorsk, 27 June.

On Tuesday 27 June, 12 civilians were killed and 60 injured in a Russian missile strike on a restaurant in Kramatorsk, Donestk.

Catastrophic impact of Nova Kakhovka dam, Ukraine, collapse to be felt for decades

In the early hours of June 6, the dam which powers the Nova Kakhovka hydroelectric plant in Kherson Oblast collapsed, unleashing untold devastation.

Children in Ukraine endure a year of horror amid escalating conflict

UNICEF Executive Director Catherine Russell reports that one year after the escalation of the war in Ukraine, children have been significantly impacted, with violence, fear, loss, and tragedy disrupting every aspect of their lives.

Report on Russian cluster munition strike in Ukraine highlights need for action to protect civilians from explosive weapons in invasion

The report by Human Rights Watch and SITU Research provides an in-depth investigation into the war crime committed by Russia’s cluster munition strike on the Kramatorsk train station in eastern Ukraine in April 2022, which killed dozens of civilians in violation of international laws of war.