Pakistan: at least 59 killed in two attacks on 29 September 2023

Two bomb attacks on mosques in Pakistan left at least 59 people dead on Friday 29 September.

Mopti: 10 killed and 60 injured in suicide bombing – Sevare, 22 April

On Saturday 22 April, a triple suicide car-bombing in the central Mali town of Sevare killed at least 10 civilians and injured over 60.

19 killed and 27 injured in suicide attack on Kabul school, Afghanistan, 30 Sept

19 people were killed and 27 injured on the morning of 29 September, when a suicide attacker blew themselves up outside the Kaaj educational centre.

Afghanistan: suicide car bomb in eastern province proves to be deadliest blast so far this year

A suicide car bomb was detonated on Friday evening (30 April, 2021) in eastern Afghanistan, killing 30 people and injuring more than 90 others.

Double suicide bombing in Baghdad kills 32, leaves 100-plus wounded

At least 32 people were killed and more than 100 injured by a double suicide bombing in the Iraqi capital on Thursday morning (January 21). The Islamic State Group (IS) released a statement saying the target had been Shia Muslims. It was the biggest suicide attack in Baghdad for three years. The attackers blew themselves […]

24 killed in education centre bombing in Kabul, Afghanistan

At least 24 people were killed and 57 wounded in a suicide bomb attack outside an education centre in western Kabul, Afghanistan, on 24 October. Among the injured are reported to be a number of teenage students. Most of the victims were students aged between 15 and 26, according to the health ministry. Family members […]

A short history of suicide bombing

This report offers a brief overview of the growth of the suicide bomber as a weapon of war, from sporadic early attempts, to the development of the situation we see today – where there are weekly incidents of suicide bombings around the world. For a more detailed review of the history of the suicide bomber, […]

AOAV condemns suicide bombing attack in Pakistan

A devastating suicide bombing has reportedly killed over 50 people and injured at least 100 more in a suicide bombing close to Pakistan’s only border crossing with India. The Pakistani Taliban has claimed responsibility for the attack. Other militant groups – including Jundullah, an Islamist terrorist militant group associated with the Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan (TTP), – have also said they were behind […]

Video: AOAV launches anti-suicide bomb film highlighting harm of attacks in Pakistan

Action on Armed Violence has produced an anti-suicide bomb video to accompany its new research on the disturbing long-term impacts of improvised explosive weapons in Pakistan. As the headlines are dominated by the deaths of at least 118 people in Jos, in Central Nigeria, a UK charity has launched the first of its kind anti-suicide bomb […]

Eight suicide bombings that shook the world

Suicide bombing causes widespread devastation and fear around the world. It is a tactic designed to take the lives of many, and used to promote an ideology or undermine people’s faith in a government’s ability to provide security. This article will examine a range of suicide bombings throughout history. Some have caught international headlines, others […]

IEDs continue to exact deadly toll in Pakistan

Aitizaz Hassan Bangash, the teenage boy who died whilst preventing a suicide bomber from attacking his school, is today being hailed as a hero.Monday’s bombing occurred in North West Pakistan and is part of a wider pattern of Improvised Explosive Devices (IED) attacks which frequently kill and injure large numbers of civilians. Aitizaz became suspicious […]

The ballad of the sad café: another bloody weekend in Iraq

Iraq’s descent into chaos seems to be happening again.  This weekend, a café in central Iraq was the target of a suicide attack.  This is horror enough, but when you learn that it is the second suicide attack in as many months, it sends out a clear message as to what Iraq has become. This […]