AOAV’s Executive Director was refused a journalist visa in Rwanda to investigate human rights concerns there. He spoke to the BBC about his concerns of it being a ‘safe’ country for refugees

In response to the UK Supreme Court declaring its Rwanda asylum policy unlawful, the UK government is drafting emergency legislation to establish Rwanda as a safe country for asylum seekers. AOAV’s Executive Director appeared on the BBC to argue that to establish this notion of safety would require proper scrutiny of Rwanda.

The Rwanda problem: why human rights abuses by the Rwandan government pose a major problem to the UK’s asylum seeker ‘solution’

Human rights concerns include police violence, discrimination, and the deportation of asylum seekers, prompting the need for Parliamentarians to cancel the scheme and advocate for improved refugee treatment through mechanisms like the Universal Periodic Review.

Historical gun laws take centre stage as Supreme Court decision fuels legal debates on firearm restrictions

Supreme Court’s Bruen decision sparks demand for gun historians, as legal battles hinge on historical gun laws.