Will British criminals print their own guns?

A 27-year old man in Japan has been arrested for possession of 3D-printed guns, including two which are functional. While he apparently did not have any live ammunition for the weapons, his possession of them was still deemed a violation of Japan’s strict gun-control laws. This is apparently the first arrest for possession of 3D-printed […]

Less of a random killing machine: Smart guns and democratised lethality

In Skyfall, the latest James Bond film, the world’s most famous secret agent is presented with his new equipment by ‘Q’, his sarcastic MI6 handler. Q gives Bond a slim metal case containing the latest version of Bond’s iconic Walther PP handgun. This version has a twist – a “subdermal scanner” which has been coded to […]

Power to the people: How technology is opening up the reporting of armed violence

Advances in technology mean that there are now more ways than ever for people to report or identify acts of violence. More data means better information and hopefully better-designed interventions. These technologies are no longer the preserve of rich and powerful governments. Now anyone with an internet connection or a smart phone can contribute. If […]

A Picture of Violence

Data and information on armed violence are increasingly being presented in a range of visually striking and engaging ways. But are these visualisation programmes just glossy and insubstantial toys or do they offer something more? The Mapping Arms Data Visualization App was developed by the Peace Research Institute Oslo and the Igarapé Institute.  Based on […]

3D printed guns: an emerging issue for arms control

3D printing has been widely hailed as the next great leap in the technology of manufacturing. In theory, the ability to print 3-dimensional objects upon command using a piece of equipment roughly the size of a microwave could completely alter the way in which the world works. While that idea might call to mind Star Trek’s replicator, […]

Toy Soldiers to Killer Robots: Noel Sharkey at TEDxSheffield 2013

Watch Professor Noel Sharkey, spokesperson of the Campaign to Stop Killer Robots, talk about the history of unmanned weaponry and the ever-growing threat of killer robots at TEDxSheffield earlier this year. Who is Noel Sharkey? Noel Sharkey is Professor of Artificial Intelligence and Robotics and Professor of Public Engagement at the University of Sheffield. He is co-founder […]

David Tolbert

David Tolbert President of the International Centre for Transitional Justice David Tolbert is the President of the International Center for Transitional Justice. The centre works to provide technical knowledge and expertise to societies addressing legacies of massive human rights violations and building up trust in state institutions. Their work has included recommending ways to improve […]

Jared Cohen

Jared Cohen Director of Google Ideas Jared Cohen is Founder and Director of Google Ideas, where he has worked on initiatives tackling violent extremism and supporting fragile states. One project visualised the global flow of arms around the world. Previously Cohen was a senior advisor to Condoleezza Rice and Hillary Clinton where he was credited […]

Ken Banks

Ken Banks Founder of FrontlineSMS Ken Banks is founder of FrontlineSMS, an organisation which seeks to lower the barriers for social change. They produce open source software which enables people with no access to the internet to be connected using basic text message technology. It has been used by an independent news agency in Iraq […]