Jos bombings: The return of the IED threat in Nigeria

At least 118 people are now thought to have been killed in yesterday’s catastrophic bombing in central Nigeria. With casualty numbers still rising, the attack in the city of Jos will be one of the deadliest to hit the country in years. As Action on Armed Violence (AOAV) revealed in last year’s ‘The Violent Road’, […]

The Violent Road: Violence in Nigeria

The issue of armed violence is becoming more and more noticed as a major problem in Nigeria.  The recent kidnapping of hundreds of girls has highlighted the deep rooted issues of violence in this West African power. The truth is that Nigeria is, and has been for a long while, one of the African countries […]

The Violent Road: Overview by region and state in Nigeria

Please click here to download the full report. Overview by region and state A national overview of armed violence in Nigeria masks important regional and geographic variation in the types, perpetrators, victims and drivers of armed violence in this extremely diverse country. The data reveals the extremely high rates of political violence in Borno, Lagos, […]

The Violent Road: Counting the Cost in Nigeria

Counting the cost in Nigeria Thousands of people have died violent deaths in Nigeria’s crisis-torn North East. Since the beginning of the insurgency by the Islamist insurgent group commonly known as Boko Haram, armed violence has killed and injured scores of civilians, insurgents and members of the security forces. The exact human cost of the […]

The Violent Road: Efforts to tackle violence in Nigeria

Please click here to download the full report. Efforts to tackle armed violence Countless responses to curb violence are underway throughout Nigeria, including the deployment of government security forces, informal mediation by traditional and religious leaders, grassroots-level early warning systems and NGO education and advocacy work. Yet, because of Nigeria’s sheer size, its large population […]

The Violent Road: Economics in Nigeria

Please click here to download the full report. Economy Nigeria’s economy is overwhelmingly dominated by federally collected oil revenues. Despite Nigeria’s federal structure, which should lead to decentralised decision making and accountability, the sources and systems of revenue collection tend to push policy-making and governance in a centralised direction. In a country with the size, […]

The Violent Road: Politics in Nigeria

Please click here to download the full report. Politics Politics and armed violence are closely intertwined in Nigeria. Elections and other political events are often accompanied by violent struggles over political power and a forcible redistribution of resources. Militant groups – whether formal or informal – are often patronised, sponsored, sanctioned or tolerated by political […]

The Violent Road: Drivers of Armed Violence in Nigeria

Please click here to download the full report. Drivers of armed violence There are numerous drivers of armed violence in Nigeria – some that are drivers of violence everywhere, some particular to the Nigerian experience. Poverty, under-development and uneven growth In spite of Nigeria’s vast resource wealth, the majority of Nigerians live in absolute poverty. […]

The Violent Road: Report Methodology

Please click here to download the full report. Report methodology Information for this study was collected largely through a combination of a systematic literature review, desk-based research, interviews with leading NGOs and other experts – independent and governmental – working in the area of armed violence prevention and reduction, and field assessment by NWGAV members and […]