Operation Kenova: report finds Army’s IRA spy likely cost more lives than he saved

The interim report from Operation Kenova concludes Army spy Stakeknife probably cost more lives than he saved.

Wikileaks’s Iraq War Logs: Bodies of mutilated civilians dumped across Baghdad

The war logs reveal extensive violence in Iraq from 2004 to 2009, including tens of thousands of civilian murders, horrific torture methods, and mass graves, often targeting those associated with Coalition forces.

UK arms exports to Venezuela (2012-2022)

This report examines the UK arms export to Venezuela 2012-2022

UK arms exports to Zimbabwe (2012-2022)

This report examines the UK arms export to South Sudan 2012-2022

AOAV’s evidence to the UK Foreign Affairs Committee inquiry into UK Universities’ Engagement with Autocracies

AOAV has submitted evidence to the UK Parliament’s Foreign Affairs Committee highlighting concerns over the potential risks to academic freedom and national security posed by UK universities accepting funding from authoritarian governments like China and Gulf states.