UK court exonerates two in Saudi bribery case amid British government approval claims

Jeffrey Cook and John Mason have been acquitted in a case accusing them of bribing Saudi officials for defence contracts, after evidence suggested the UK and Saudi governments had sanctioned the payments.

British military deliberates: is releasing details of alleged war crimes to AOAV in public interest?

The UK Ministry of Defence delays releasing details on alleged war crimes by the UK military, citing a need to balance public interest and investigations, amidst AOAV’s call for transparency and accountability.

Betrayed and Forgotten? The plight of Afghan Special Forces facing deportation exposed

British Army members who advocated for Afghan special forces now facing deportation to the Taliban claim their efforts were ignored by the Ministry of Defence, raising questions about the UK’s commitment to its allies.

UK government faces legal challenge over MOD refusal to detail civilian harm

The upcoming tribunal challenging the UK Ministry of Defence’s refusal to disclose details on civilian casualties in Iraq and Syria marks a crucial moment for military transparency, with Airwars advocating for openness akin to that of the US and Dutch governments.

Widespread ‘toxic’ and ‘hostile’ culture at UK’s Ministry of Defence: senior women speak out

In an unprecedented move, sixty senior women at the UK’s Ministry of Defence have exposed a pervasive culture of sexual assault, harassment, and abuse in a detailed letter, demanding immediate action.