Protests in Belfast as new Northern Ireland legacy law halting inquests and prosecutions related to the ‘Troubles’ take effect

Families of Northern Ireland’s “Troubles” victims protested against a new law that halts inquests and grants immunity to former combatants, claiming it obstructs justice.

Will Sir Keir Starmer’s new defence commitments undermine peace advocacy?

Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer’s recent article in the Daily Mail, advocating for increased UK defence spending and a strong nuclear deterrent, raises concerns about the potential reinforcement of the military-industrial complex and deviation from peace-focused policies.

Former UK PM Liz Truss’s secret lobbying for defence exports to China raises security concerns

Liz Truss, ex-Prime Minister of the UK, is reported to have covertly urged government officials to expedite the sale of military-grade landmine disposal equipment to China, sparking debates over national and allied security interests.