“The coalition started to think about civilian casualties as a strategic problem” – Dr Thomas Gregory on how civilian casualties informed warfare

Dr Thomas Gregory talks with Professor Mike Spagat about his article, Calibrating violence: Body counts as a weapon of war (European Journal of International Security).

For All Was Lost: comparing UK & US military deaths in the War on Terror

Over the past two decades, service personnel from the United States (US) and the United Kingdom (UK) have been deployed in operations overseas in at least 80 countries in the so-called ‘War on Terror’. Deployments in Iraq and Afghanistan, launched in response to the 9/11 attacks, were by far the most substantial. The lethal cost […]

The reverberating effects of explosive violence on agriculture in Iraq

Iraq lies in the Fertile Crescent that stretches in an arc from Mesopotamia in the East to Egypt in the West, and is known by many as being ‘the cradle of civilisation’.  Here, several millennia ago, humans took their first steps in seed cultivation and the first farming techniques were developed, making Iraq the birthplace […]

‘Military Age Males’ in US Drone Strikes

“It’s not about me. It’s about every civilian who has been killed in Waziristan.” These are the words of Faheem Qureshi, speaking to The Guardian in 2016. Faheem was one of the first casualties in President Obama’s drone campaign when, seven years before, on 23 January, 2009, his family home in North Waziristan was hit […]

Major differences found between US Department of Defence and the Federal Procurement Database System contract listings

This report is part of AOAV’s investigation into the DoD’s small arms expenditure during the War on Terror.  For information on what a small arm is, please see here. To understand more about US DoD contracts visit here. The investigation also included an examination of US expenditure for small arms for Iraq, which can be read here, and Afghanistan, see […]

US explosive weapons used ‘disproportionately’ in Iraq compared to British Army – AOAV in Russia Today

This article was originally published in Russia Today on 5 February 2015 The US Army’s use of explosive weapons in Fallujah, Iraq, had a disproportionally higher effect on Iraqi civilians than British military strategy in Basra, a new study into the effects of the coalition occupation has revealed. US forces were found to be responsible […]

AOAV urges caution as US bombs Iraq

The US has today launched an airstrike in Iraq. American officials say that 500-lb laser-guided bombs were dropped on mobile artillery used by Islamic militants in the north of the country. The decision to authorise air strikes was announced by President Obama on Thursday. The UK has welcomed the US decision but is ruling out […]

In focus: Miriam Pemberton, Research Fellow at the Institute for Policy Studies

Miriam Pemberton is a Research Fellow at the Institute for Policy Studies, writing and speaking on demilitarization issues for its Foreign Policy In Focus project. AOAV met her to talk about her work. AOAV: What’s your main focus of interest in terms of your research? Miriam Pemberton: Demilitarisation of the economy. We’re at the beginning […]

Another explosive escalation: US-made missiles seen in Syria

Videos have emerged on social media of Syrian rebels using American-made BGM-71 TOW anti-tank guided missiles against government targets. Some media outlets are reporting that these weapons have been supplied to the rebels directly by the American government, but for the moment the evidence for such claims is circumstantial at best. Regardless of the provenance […]

Study finds 44 US school shootings since Newtown

A new study has shown the extent of gun violence in American schools since the Newtown shooting in December 2012. The research, conducted jointly by Moms Demand Action and Mayors Against Illegal Guns, catalogues 44 shootings at American educational institutions since Adam Lanza shot 20 children and six teachers at an elementary school in Connecticut […]

High calibre criminals: Report finds US is the leading source of Sao Paulo gangs’ most powerful weapons

It is well established that the United States is the source of many of the weapons used by Mexican drug trafficking groups. But the proliferation of American weaponry deeper into Latin America has not received the same kind of attention. Nevertheless, American weapons – particularly larger, more powerful small arms – have become common amongst […]

In focus: Kristen Rand, Legislative Director of the Violence Policy Center

AOAV:  What is the Violence Policy Centre? Kristen Rand:  We’re a national non-profit organisation, and we do research and policy development and advocacy to reduce gun violence in America. AOAV: What is your main role in the policy centre? Rand:  I’m the legislative director, I handle all of our lobbying and legislative activities.  We are sort […]