AOAV’s Executive Director, Dr Iain Overton, talks to BBC News about the bombing Gaza and the impact of the violence on people living with disabilities there

He was invited onto the news channel after tweeting: “I was supposed to be part of a graduation ceremony in Gaza today for students living with disabilities completing a course on storytelling. The University now lies in rubble, the students are uncontactable and at least one of my fellow lecturers has lost 9 members of his family.”

Visually impaired activist Shireen chronicles Gaza’s struggles amidst conflict

Shireen, a blind student and disability advocate from the Gaza Strip, narrates the profound hardships and repeated displacements faced by Palestinians, especially those with disabilities, under the shadow of ongoing Israeli airstrikes

Horror in darkness: the plight of the visually impaired in Gaza’s schools

Shireen, a visually impaired Gazan activist, recounts her neighbour’s harrowing experience of displacement and survival in an UNRWA school amid the dire conditions following intense conflict in the region.