Action on Armed Violence condemns the imprisonment of whistleblower David McBride for exposing Australian military unlawful killings

Action on Armed Violence condemns the imprisonment of whistleblower David McBride, who exposed Australian military war crimes in Afghanistan, highlighting the need for stronger whistleblower protections.

Have the IDF become addicted to explosions? Investigation reveals extent of demolitions carried out across Gaza

Using social media posts from IDF soldiers, Bellingcat tracked the activities of the 8219 Commando, a combat engineering battalion, revealing their extensive involvement in demolitions across Gaza.

N1466: how a senior British army officer blew the whistle, alleging war crimes by SAS in Afghanistan

A senior SAS officer, known as N1466, exposed potential war crimes committed by SAS units in Afghanistan, leading to a significant investigation after revealing discrepancies in enemy casualties versus weapons recovered, and advocating for a deeper inquiry into these disturbing patterns.

What is going wrong with the SAS?

The SAS, once celebrated for heroic figures like WWII veteran Major Mike Sadler, now faces severe scrutiny due to accusations of war crimes and misconduct, indicating a significant departure from its esteemed origins to a controversial present.

Mercer faces deadline to provide names in Afghanistan war crimes inquiry

Johnny Mercer, UK Veterans’ Minister, faces a deadline to justify withholding names in an inquiry into alleged British special forces war crimes in Afghanistan.

Opinion: Conservative minister Johnny Mercer’s refusal to disclose identities of critical witnesses in SAS war crimes inquiry undermines the rule of law

Veterans Minister Johnny Mercer’s decision not to provide whistleblower names to an independent inquiry into alleged British special forces war crimes in Afghanistan raises critical concerns about the supremacy of democratic principles and the rule of law over personal loyalties.

SAS members detained over alleged war crimes in Syria comes amid wider scrutiny of Britain’s ‘elite’ forces

British military police have detained five SAS members for alleged war crimes in Syria, spotlighting the elite unit’s conduct amidst ongoing investigations into unlawful killings in Afghanistan and involvement in a domestic drug network

U.S. investigates Israeli airstrikes for mass civilian casualties following alleged use of white phosphorus

The U.S. State Department is probing Israeli airstrikes in Gaza that killed civilians and the suspected use of white phosphorus in Lebanon, potentially influencing future American military aid to Israel.

Veterans Minister withholds suspects’ names in SAS war crimes inquiry

Johnny Mercer, Veterans Minister, refuses to disclose suspects’ names during a public inquiry into alleged extrajudicial killings by the SAS in Afghanistan, despite acknowledging the severity of the claims

The dates and number of those allegedly murdered by UK Special Forces in Afghanistan

AOAV details the evidence of widespread extrajudicial killings by UK Special Forces in Helmand Province, Afghanistan, with at least 26 specific operations and 84 Afghan males killed, including children.

Betrayal in the shadows? UK Special Forces block Afghan allies’ safe haven

The BBC unveils how UK Special Forces hindered Afghan troops, who fought alongside them, from relocating to the UK post-Taliban takeover, leaving many in peril.

Ukraine: uncovering the devastation of Mariupol

The report “‘Our City Was Gone’: Russia’s Devastation of Mariupol, Ukraine” by Human Rights Watch, Truth Hounds, and SITU Research documents the extensive civilian and infrastructural damage caused by the Russian military assault on Mariupol in 2022, calling for accountability for apparent war crimes.