Escalation in Red Sea: US, UK prepare for potential military response to Houthis in Yemen

Amid rising tensions in the Red Sea, the US and UK are gearing up for possible military strikes against Houthi targets in Yemen, AOAV calls for transparency over decision making and the protection of civilians as priority

Profits, but at what price? UK’s job protection claims in Saudi BAE arms deal face scrutiny amid Yemen conflict concerns

The UK government’s push to secure the £5 billion Saudi arms deal citing job preservation at BAE Systems draws criticism with concerns over the civilian harm from such weapons in Yemen conflict.

High Court Dismisses CAAT’s Challenge to UK-Saudi Arms Trade; Yemeni Civilian Lives Continue to Hang in Balance

The UK High Court ruled against the Campaign Against Arms Trade’s (CAAT) judicial review, allowing the UK Government to continue licensing arms sales to Saudi Arabia, despite widespread concerns of humanitarian law violations in Yemen.