UN IED Review Paper

In 2016, AOAV compiled a series of reports on improvised explosive devices (IEDs) and their impacts as part of a French government-funded review paper, Global threat, global response: A review of the global impact of IEDs. This report was partly a response to Afghanistan’s 2015 resolution on IEDs being adopted by the UN General Assembly. This resolution that was to trigger a report of the Secretary General.  Such a report was to offer a series of recommendations, including:

  • An annual publication with an overview of IED-related data per country, allowing also for regional- and global-level assessments, would be valuable for developing adequate and measurable policy responses. It would be important for such a recurring publication to draw on sources in a variety of languages. As data collection is central to developing informed decision-making on IED issues, States are encouraged to sustainably fund possible initiatives in this direction. (Recommendation 20).
  • Further research on various dimensions of IED issues, including prevention, preparedness, response and recovery, can help inform a better understanding of the multifaceted approach required to address the issue of IEDs. (Recommendation 22).
  • More research is required on the long-term and indirect harm inflicted by IED attacks (Recommendation 31).

To this end, AOAV’s report examines a wide range of key IED issues, spanning issues from the civilian and humanitarian harm caused bu IEDs, to victim assistance and initiatives to counter IEDs. Below you can find each report, as set out in the paper. To read the whole paper, please see here.

Global threat, global response

Improvised explosive devices – A 5-year overview

What are IEDs? A review of the different types of IEDs that exist with a focus on recent developments in IED usage

The impact of IEDs on aid agencies and humanitarian operations

A review of international, regional and bilateral initiatives that aim to provide counter-IED assistance

Afghan ambassador Interview

The Consequences of Poor Storage of Ammunition Stockpiles and IED usage

The law, victim assistance and IEDs: a brief overview

The law, victim assistance and IEDs: Case study 1 – London 7/7 bombings

The law, victim assistance and IEDs: Case study 2 – Boston Bombings

This paper was generously funded by the French Government.