Volunteer at AOAV

AOAV is always interested in volunteers willing to devote some time to a charity that seeks to reduce the incidence and impact of global armed violence.

A volunteer role at AOAV might suit a recent graduate still contemplating what career path to choose, someone seeking to gain experience under their belt in the humanitarian research sector, or someone who has retired and is keen to keep engaged in the world of research and advocacy.

We welcome volunteers from all walks of life. Our key areas for volunteer input is research and social media advocacy.


If you are interested in research opportunities, working on reports on explosive violence harm and assisting in investigations into the arms trade, please contact Iain Overton – ioverton@aoav.org.uk. Please send a brief email with a CV and an idea of how much time you are able to offer.  Thank you.

Volunteer testimonies

“Volunteering at AOAV has been an incredibly formative experience, that allowed me to learn a great deal about conflicts and the impact of explosive weapons. It was really inspiring to see the commitment and dedication of the team, and it was a great honour for me to work alongside such experienced and knowledgeable colleagues. I will probably never be able to stress enough how important and amazing the work of this organisation is, especially for the quality of the research it produces.” – Giulia L

“Volunteering at AOAV has been a fantastic experience for my own personal development and career progression. The varied nature of tasks has enhanced my skillset in areas such as qualitative and quantitative research, data analysis, writing to brief and elements of investigative journalism. The work is also extremely rewarding and has given me some invaluable content for my CV, such as an additional reporting credit on a front page story in The Times.” – Miles H

“Volunteering at Action on Armed Violence provided a unique opportunity to enhance my skills in writing, research, data-analysis and investigative journalism. The projects ranged from writing articles and analyses to conducting long-form data-driven investigations on explosive violence, human rights and surrounding themes. As well as being incredibly rewarding, my experience at Action on Armed Violence was instrumental in furthering my career as an investigative journalist. I urge anyone with an interest in conflict, human rights or investigative journalism to get involved with AOAV.” – Victoria E